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Floorplan Designs: Fit / Finish / Features


The Edgewater Advantage

The Difference Is In The Details.


Experience Vida Edgewater:

At Vida Edgewater Miami, the kitchen, bathrooms, closets, and furniture reflect your lifestyle and elevate your daily experience. Each element has been selected to offer the best in design and functionality, creating an environment where luxury and comfort meet.

Whether you enjoy gourmet cooking, preparing quick and healthy meals, or hosting dinners with friends, the kitchen at Vida Edgewater is equipped to meet all your culinary needs. Similarly, the bathrooms and closets are designed to provide an oasis of relaxation and comfort, with optimized storage and custom furniture.


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  • Studio, 1,2,and 3 Bedroom Residences

  • Up to 10 Foot Ceilings

  • Turn Key, Move-in Ready Units

  • Keyless Entry & Security System

  • Modern Euro-Style Kitchens

  • Bosch Stainless Steel Appliances

  • Granite Countertops and Baths

  • Plush Softgoods from Bedding to Bath

  • Energy Saving HVAC

  • Euro-Style Window Treatments

  • Private Furnished Balcony / Veranda

  • Two & Three Bedroom Lockoff options

FLEXSHARE - Vida Edgewater's differentiator stands out as a winning formula for high returns. With the ability to accommodate all rental options, from long-term rentals to short-term rentals and everything in between, owners can make the most of their investment potential and ensure a steady income stream.

VIDA’ FlexShare Lockoff Residences represent a revolutionary approach to real estate investing giving owners the freedom and versatility needed to maximize their returns. 



2_2 SPLIT A.jpg
2_2 a SPLIT copy.jpg



3BR 1 copy.jpg
3BR 1 a.jpg



3BR 3 A.jpg
3BR_LOUT copy.jpg

Imagine owning a 2-bedroom residence that can also be rented as a full two-bedroom unit or split into two separate one-bedroom units. Likewise, VIDA’s three-bedroom units can be rented as one full three-bedroom unit, or split into either a two bedroom+studio or three separate one bedroom units.


This versatility allows owners to adapt to different types of rentals, from large families to couples or solo travelers.

Vida Edgewater's Kitchen Design:

A Space of Innovation and Elegance

Kitchens designed for Vida Edgewater Miami have been curated to be the heart of the home, combining style, functionality, and cutting-edge technology. Every detail has been carefully considered to offer a culinary space that inspires and elevates your daily experience.

Modern and Elegant Design: The kitchens at Vida Edgewater feature contemporary designs with clean, elegant lines. The neutral and sophisticated finishes are complemented by stainless steel details, creating a modern and welcoming atmosphere.

High-End Bosch Appliances: Equipped with state-of-the-art Bosch appliances, the kitchen includes a high-capacity refrigerator, oven, microwave, dishwasher, and induction stove. These appliances are not only efficient and durable but also seamlessly integrate into the space, offering a cohesive and elegant aesthetic.

Stone Countertops and Porcelain Stone Floors: The stone countertops are not only visually appealing but also extremely durable and easy to maintain. They resist stains, scratches, and heat, making them the ideal surface for cooking and food preparation. The porcelain stone floors add a touch of luxury and are easy to clean, keeping your kitchen looking pristine with minimal effort.

Modern Cabinets by Italkraft: The kitchens are equipped with modern cabinets by Italkraft, known for their superior quality and innovative design. These cabinets offer optimal storage and an elegant aesthetic, keeping your kitchen organized and functional.

Ambient Lighting: Kitchen lighting is crucial for creating a cozy and functional environment. Our kitchens feature a combination of recessed lights and pendant lights that perfectly illuminate the work areas while adding a touch of sophistication to the space.

Custom Bronze Fixtures and Sinks: The stainless-steel sink and custom bronze fixtures are not only visually appealing but also practical. With adequate depth and an extendable sprayer, they facilitate daily cleaning and food preparation tasks.

Open and Integrated Space: The kitchen at Vida Edgewater seamlessly integrates with the dining and living areas, creating an open space perfect for entertaining family and friends. This open layout allows for continuous interaction and a natural flow between different areas of the home.

Bathrooms at Vida Edgewater Miami: Elegance and Comfort

The bathrooms at Vida Edgewater Miami are designed to offer a luxurious and relaxing retreat, combining high-quality elements with sophisticated design.

Stone Countertops and Porcelain Floors: Like the kitchen, the bathrooms feature stone countertops that add a touch of elegance and durability. The porcelain floors provide a resistant and easy-to-maintain surface, completing the luxurious ambiance.

Custom Bronze Plumbing Fixtures: The bathrooms are equipped with custom bronze plumbing fixtures that add a touch of sophistication and style. These details are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and durable.

Rain Shower Heads: Enjoy an unparalleled shower experience with our rain shower heads. These shower heads provide an even distribution of water, offering a spa-like sensation in the comfort of your home.

Custom Closets and Furnishings

All closets and furniture at Vida Edgewater are custom-made, providing optimal storage and functionality.

Custom Closets: The closets are designed to maximize space and organization, offering custom storage solutions tailored to your specific needs. Each closet is equipped with integrated lighting, making it easy to find your belongings and adding a touch of luxury.

Custom Furniture: Each unit comes furnished with custom furniture that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. The quality of the furniture ensures durability and comfort, while the elegant designs complement the modern aesthetics of the spaces.

Custom Lighting Fixtures: The units also feature custom lighting fixtures designed to highlight and complement the furniture and interior design. Custom designed lighting will create a cozy and sophisticated atmosphere throughout the residence.

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Exclusive Decor and Accessories

Custom Wood Wall Decor: All units include custom wood wall decor, adding warmth and a touch of distinction to each space.

Blackout Curtains and Window Treatments: Our units are equipped with blackout curtains and window treatments that perfectly match the color palette and ambiance of each room. These window treatments ensure privacy and total light control.

Mood Lighting: The units are equipped with custom mood lighting, designed to create a cozy and relaxing environment in every corner of the home.

Turnkey Ready: Each apartment comes fully equipped and turnkey ready to rent, including linens, towels, and a complete household package. This turnkey offering ensures that your investment is ready to generate income from day one.


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